A Program Of The

City Of Columbia

Projects in Assess & Evaluate Phase

The City of Columbia uses various methods of inspection during the Assess & Evaluate Phase to determine which areas are most in need of upgrade and improvement. 

Projects in Prioritize & Select Phase

The City prioritizes projects based on completed assessments and selects engineering consultants and/or contractors needed to complete the project during the Prioritize & Select Phase.

Projects Under Design

The engineer prepares detailed plans and easement plats for the project and applies for permits during the Design & Permit Phase. 

Project Name Project #
East Rocky Branch Improvements Phase 1 SS733701
Wastewater Maintenance & Storage Building SS7382
Saluda PS Control Manhole No. 2 SS7439
Investigation of Crockett Rd, Atlas Rd and Versch Lock Lift Stations SS7462
Crane Creek 01 Sewer System Evaluation Study and Sewer Rehabilitation Implementation SS7463
Upper North Branch Crane Creek Sewer Improvements SS7474
Rocky Branch 01 Phase 2 SSES SS7478
Smith Branch 02 Phase 2 SSES SS7479
Ripley Station Road Bridge Gravity Sewer Relocation SS7496
Mill Creek PS Miscellaneous Improvements SS7497
Woodvalley Drive Bridge Replacement at Koon Branch Sewer Relocation SS7525
Beltline Columbia Storage Canopy SS7528
SCDOT Fairfield Rd Bridge Replacement Utility Relocation SS7530
SCDOT Blossom St Bridge Replacement Utility Relocation SS7531
Olympia Sewer Relocation and Rehabilitation SS7535
Major Sewer Pipe Rehabilitation Project SS753901
Harbison #4 PS Improvements & Force Main Replacement SS7554
Lower Crane Creek Relief Sewer Phase 2 SS7555
Lower Crane Creek Storage Facility & Pump Station SS7560
Gills Creek Relief Sewer Phase 1 SS7562
Lower Kinley Creek Sewer Improvements SS7565
I-126 (Elmwood Ave) Bridge Sewer Relocation SS7573
Broad River Gravity Sewer and Force Main Replacement SS7589
Lorick Road Bridge Replacement Water Relocation SS7597
Broad River Pump Station Miscellaneous Improvements SS7615
MWWTP Dewatering Rolloff Receiving Station SS7623
MWWTP Train 2 Chemical Feed System SS7624
MWWTP DAF Polymer Pilot Study SS7625
MWWTP Thickening Improvements SS7639
Caughman Road at Hallbrook Dr/Trailwood Lane SS7642

Projects Under Construction

The contractor completes the physical construction of the project during the Construct Phase.

Project Name Project #
Annual Gravity Sewer MH Lining & Replacement SS678624
North Main St. Streetscape Sewer SS6916
Rehab on Lines less than 15" SS696620
Annual Rehab on Lines < 15" SS696623
SS from Greenlawn Drive to Burnside #1 Lift Station SS7258
Upper Kinley Creek Sewer Improvements SS7331
East Rocky Branch Improvements Phase 2 SS733702
Crane Creek Upper N Branch Ext & Lower N Branch Cap Upgrade SS735001
Crane Creek Upper North Branch Extension SS735002
Crane Creek Lower North Branch Capacity SS735003
Leesburg Road Widening SS740901
Leesburg Road Inspections SS740902
Broad River Basin 02 SSES SS7424
Lower Saluda River Relief Sewer SS7428
Starlite Pump Station Improvements (Removal of PS) SS7432
Wexford and Windsong Lift Station Rehab SS7435
Miscellaneous Lift Station Improvements SS7437
Crane Creek Lower North Branch Capacity Upgrade Phase II SS7450
Bluff Road Improvements Windy to Carswell SS7456
Carolina Crossroads Relocation SS7460
Crane Creek 02 and 04 SSES SS7464
NCPS Upgrade SS7467
Three Rivers Force Main Replacement/Relocation SS7468
Influent/Effluent Meter Improvements SS7481
Hickory Ridge Road Sewer Rehab SS7487
Relocate 4,345 Ft of 8-inch Sewerline - South Main Street - Blossom to Pendleton SS7514
Vine Street Sewer Replacement SS7517
Ansel Street Sewer Replacement SS7518
Woodlake Drive Sewer Replacement SS7519
Catawba Street Sewer Replacement SS7520
Woodlands Force Main Replacement SS7549
WCPS Improvements SS7564
Saluda River Force Main Extension SS7568
SR02 and BR04 Engineer Led Find and Fix Rehabilitation SS7583
Upper Wildcat Creek Tributary SW & SS Infrastructure Eval/Imp SS7605
Atlantic Drive Sewer Extension SS7621
Gravity Sewer Service to 7401 Richard St (Atlas Rd) SS7628
Train 2 Aeration & Dewatering System Upgrades SS7645

Upcoming Projects

Project Name Project #