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Project Description:

The Major Sewer Pipe Rehabilitation CIPP Project consists of 24 separate “groups” located throughout each of the eight sub-basins within the City. The project consists of 73,159 linear feet of pipeline segments and 17 manholes that are connected to or within 300 feet of the pipelines included in Phase 1.  The pipe diameters range from 15-inch to 54-inch and the pipe materials include vitrified clay pipe (VCP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe, reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), and ductile/cast iron pipe (DIP). The Preliminary Design Report identified CIPP as the recommended method for rehabilitation but during design, additional information may identify access issues, defect conditions, or other information that alternative methods may be better suited for those segments.

The Major Sewer Pipe Spray Applied Geopolymer Project consists of two separate pipeline “groups” and consists of 5,843 linear feet of 42-inch to 54-inch RCP pipe identified to be rehabilitated and 5,425 linear feet of pipe identified to be cleaned only included in Phase 1 as identified in the Preliminary Design Report.   Total Current Contract Value is $3,783,809.59.

Public Benefit: Efficient Operations; Environmental; Regulatory Compliance.

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Council approved design 9/1/2020.
Under Design.
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