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City Of Columbia

Project Description:

Professional services for both Upper and Lower upgrades.

This project consists of two sub projects, Crane Creek Upper North Branch Extension (CC Upper) and Lower North Branch Capacity Upgrade Phase 1 (CC Lower).   The project limits and recommended sizing of the gravity sewer line were determined by the CITY and Hazen and Sawyer’s system hydraulic modeling study (Hazen and Sawyer, 2014), 2018 Collection System Master Plan, and ongoing 2020 Major Wastewater Collection and Transmission System (WCTS) Master Plan Updates.

CC Upper was originally designed in 2008 as a mixture of 20-inch ductile iron pipe and 21-inch PVC pipe.  The 7,100 linear foot gravity line was re-evaluated based on current field conditions and re-permitted and all the necessary easements were obtained.  The new 21-inch gravity line will tie into a 12-inch gravity sewer line that is part of the Crane Creek Sewer Trunk System.  The project limits will begin at the Project Oro Site and it will end at 01714MH.

CC Lower consists of upsizing approximately 9,500 linear feet of existing 15-inch gravity sewer to 36-inch gravity sewer. The project limits will begin at 28551MH and will terminate at 25844MH.

  • Council District: Outside
  • Sewer Basin: Crane Creek

Public Benefit: Development Opportunity; Environmental; Regulatory Compliance.

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Council approved design 2/2/16.
Design Complete.
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