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Project Description: This project scope consists of implementation of a pilot polymer feed system along the sludge line that delivers a blend of primary and secondary sludge to the Metro WWTP Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Thickeners in both Train 1 and Train 2. The goal of the pilot study is to evaluate effects of the polymer feed on performance and capacity of the DAF tanks. It is anticipated that the addition of polymer will allow for a higher capacity of sludge flow while maintaining similar thickening results and potentially reducing the number of DAF tanks needed to be in service.

Metro WWTP staff has previously coordinated with Polydyne to complete bench testing of various polymers. A type of polymer and polymer feed rates at specific mixed sludge feed rates were established from the bench testing. Metro WWTP staff desires to evaluate these recommendations through the pilot study. 

The pilot system will be implemented first on a DAF tank in one train and then moved to the second to allow for control versus test scenarios to be compared. The pilot testing shall capture periods prior to and during increased use of PAC at the WTPs during the summer.

Public Benefit: Efficient Operations; Regulatory Compliance.

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Council approved design contract 7/18/23.
Pilot Study Development Underway.
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