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Project Description: The peak sewer flows in the lower West Columbia outfall are primarily a function of the operations of the Saluda River Pump Station, which is upstream of the West Columbia sewer basin.  Under current operations, the lower West Columbia outfall shows significant peak wet-weather surcharge under the 2020 planning period.  As part of the modeling and CIP development of this system it was discovered that only 2 million gallons (MG) of the available 10 MG of equalization storage at the Saluda River Pump Station is utilized under the 2-year 24-hour storm at buildout conditions with the level instruments at the current control manhole 25230MH.  Installation of level instruments in a second manhole, 25214MH, will work in conjunction with the existing control manhole for a better control of pumps (both flow diversion to storage tank pumps and export pumps) at Saluda River Pump Station and increase the available Saluda River Pump Station Storage tanks.   Total Current Contract Value is $800,678.48.

Public Benefit: Efficient Operations.

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Council approved design 1/15/19.
Under Design.

Estimated Design Finish Spring 2022.

Estimated Construction Start Fall 2022.

Estimated Construction Finish Spring 2023.
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