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City Of Columbia

Project Description: This project encompasses three sub projects.  Project 1 involves modifications to the Starlite pump station.  Alliance Consulting Engineers has completed an evaluation of the Starlite PS in which they recommended decommissioning the station and conveying the tributary sanitary flow by gravity to the East Bluff PS collection system.  Prior to construction of the Starlite PS in 1971, the flow was conveyed into the East Bluff collection system.  Project 2 involves Rehabilitation of Starlite PS sanitary sewer collection system.  Alliance has also conducted a Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study (SSES) of the Starlite PS collection system and identified some rehabilitation of Manholes, sewer lines, and clean-outs.  Project 3 involves the flow diversion in Smith Branch SB01 basin. Weston & Sampson completed a SSES evaluation of Smith Branch, sub basin SB01 and the City is in the process of bidding the rehabilitation work for this basin.  During the course of SSES evaluation, the City discovered some sewer lines that required immediate rehabilitation due to sag and cracks.  The City would like to divert the flow from three lines into the adjacent trunk main by constructing flow diversion Manholes and sewer lines to the trunk sewer and plugging the existing lines as necessary. Total Current Contract Value is $344,667.43.

  • Council District: Outside
  • Sewer Basin: Gills Creek

Public Benefit: Cost Effective; Efficient Operations.

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Council approved design on 8/20/19.
Under Design.

Estimated Design Completion Summer 2021.

Estimated Construction Start Spring 2022.

Estimated Construction Completion Winter 2022.
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