A Program Of The

City Of Columbia

Sulfide and Corrosion Control Program

The Pipeline Vol. 1, No. 1

Over the past 24 months, Columbia Water staff and Clean Water 2020 program staff have worked to complete a Sulfide and Corrosion Control Program (SCCP) as one of the Consent Decree (CD) requirements.  As opposed to outsourcing the work to a contractor, Columbia Water staff managed the program through careful planning and the coordination of division employees from Wastewater Maintenance, Wastewater Compliance, and Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant. A team effort was required to identify and evaluate potential sources of sulfide and corrosion in the wastewater collection and transmission system (WCTS).  Corrosion is one of the primary reasons a sewer system loses their structural integrity.  Corroded pipes may allow greater I&I (infiltration and inflow) into the collection system, further deteriorating reliability of the network by causing undesirable conditions such as surcharges and overflows, ultimately requiring premature replacement of the pipes.  The information provided in the SCCP will enable Columbia Water to monitor these locations and make recommendations to continually address corrosion in the WCTS.