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Wastewater Treatment Plant Employee Christmas Party

CW2020 Employee Newsletter Vol. 6, No. 1

WWTP Cmas 2017 Lunch 2 DSC_2438The 2017 Wastewater Treatment Plant Employee Christmas Lunch was held December 21. CDM Smith helped sponsor the event, which was catered by Lizard’s Thicket. WWTP Superintendent David Wiman thanked everyone for coming out to celebrate the year and take a moment to “reflect on the year, to see where we’ve been [and] look forward to where we’re going.” 

Wiman recognized the staff for their successes, including the MMS rollout, meeting all Consent Decree deadlines for the year, and for receiving coveted industry awards, such as Wastewater Operator of the Year (Cyndi Roland), Lab Analyst of the Year – Capital District & State (Melissa Engle), Golden Manhole Award (Ashley Dove), and Operations Challenge Team (Melissa Engle, Rachel Furtick, Sarah Hickman, and Candace Mathis). The plant also successfully passed S.C. DHEC inspections of the laboratory and facility. 

Wiman expressed his gratitude to the WWTP staff and their competitors from Wastewater Maintenance, Water, and Clean Water 2020 for their generosity in the Power In Changing Diaper Drive. The Drive was a huge success with 168 families helped!

Regrettably, Wiman reported that the 2-year streak of zero permit excursions (wastewater discharge within permit levels) ended this year. Nonetheless, WWTP staff learned valuable lessons in the recovery period and are now better prepared.  In addition, the Plant’s vacancy rate increased from 24 to 33 percent and the strain was felt by many. All plant staff have stepped up to fill in the gaps created by the vacancies.


The Brinks Award – Prince Kemoh in recognition of pulling the most overtime when needed.

The Helping Hand Award – Lisa Blankenship in recognition of always being there and helping out others when they need it.

The Grimy Gloves Award – James Foust for demonstrating top-notch work ethic in his area of expertise.

The Dependability Award – Donald Cho, Keith Morris, and Lynn Todd in recognition of zero tardiness as well as their willingness to cover shifts when needed.

The Wellbeing Award – Melissa Engle and Ed Washington in recognition of zero sick time used.

The Maximus Award – Gerald Kirk in recognition of those that passed two of more certification exams within one calendar year. (Passed C on 1/25/17, passed B on 2/28/17, and passed A on 4/26/17.)

The Iron Team Award – Laboratory Team (Sarah Hickman, Zan Norris, and Melissa Engle) Given to the team (Lift Stations, Operations/Lab, or Plant Maintenance) with zero lost time incidents.

Grimy Gloves AwardWellbeing Award
 WWTP2017 JFoust GrimyGloves Award WWTP2017 MEngle Wellbeing Award
Maximus Award  Iron Team Award
 WWTP2017 GKirk Maximus Award  WWTP2017 Lab Iron Team Award