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City Of Columbia

Wastewater Maintenance Division Employee Christmas Party

CW2020 Employee Newsletter Vol. 6, No. 1

On December 15, Wastewater Maintenance Division (WWM) Superintendent Robert Judy welcomed everyone to the 2017 Employee Christmas Lunch. He recognized sponsors and City of Columbia leadership in attendance and thanked everyone for their contributions to the Division’s success. He also expressed his gratitude for the time to acknowledge achievements and to see how far the group has come. 

Staff was commended on their improvements in safety and efficiency and, following the meal, annual awards were distributed to honorees.

2017 Foreman of the Year: Dekota Radden
Foreman of Yr Dekota Radden (Rt)“He’s a man of integrity,” Assistant Wastewater Superintendent Jody Harley said of Dekota Radden, “I’ve always looked up to him and the job that he’s done over the last couple of years has significantly decreased the number of complaints. When he’s done with the job the customer is happy. Period.”

2017 Customer Service Employee of the Year: Patricia RogersCustSvc Emp of Yr Pat Rogers (Rt)
WWM Superintendent Robert Judy recognized Patricia Rogers as the first customer service awardee, stating that, “Pat can always be relied upon anytime WWM or Water needs anything.”

2017 Employee of the Year: Casey Ragsdale
Honored for his professionalism when serving the public, commitment to a job well done, and Emp of Yr Casey Ragsdale (Lft)dedication to his team, Casey Ragsdale gained all of his required certifications in under two years. “He serves the City of Columbia with excellence. And, he’s always willing to assist in helping to train others,” said Supervisor Martin Golston.

Safety and Training Coordinator Prentiss Brooks invited Demetrius Rumph, Director of Safety and Risk Management with the City of Columbia, to address the group. Rumph congratulated the team on their day-to-day efforts to provide quality service to rate payers and improve safety. Rumph stressed that teamwork is at the core of WWM’s business, “When you look out for one another it’s about teamwork. If you see your coworkers performing something at risk, it’s your responsibility as an employee and a team to make sure they do the right thing. At the end of the day, I want each one of us to go home the same way we came.”

Assistant City Manager Clint Shealy addressed the group and expressed his appreciation for all of their hard work and management of tasks like the FEMA projects and work order procedures. Shealy remarked, “Y’all get results! I can look [at this division] and see tangible results year-over-year. Y’all are really producing and we appreciate that. And, I know our customers really appreciate that.”


Longevity Service Awards

15yr – Kevin James, Almondo Oree

10yr – Brandon Bright

5yr – Anthony Riley, Byron Jones


Safety Awards

Marion Aiken

Daniel Brandon

Brandon Bright

Travos Brown


Outstanding Performance Awards             

Ryan Coleman

Michael Johnson

Colie Scott

Jason Slack

Nathaniel Freeman

Martin Golston

Neco Green    

Gerald Holas

Roosevelt Jackson

Kevin James


Outstanding attendance

Kwan Ashley

Nicholas Craft

Neco Green

Gerald Holas

Darnell Jackson

Almondo Oree

Dekota Radden

Zachary Reed

Frank Slack

Evan Summers

Robert Judy

Marc Kelly

Jerry Lindsay

Rodric Moultrie

Ronald Nixon

Johnell Peay

Thomas Peters

Jamel Pinckney

Zachary Reed

Marcus Richardson

Carol Sforza

Frank Slack

Perfect attendance

Marvin Narr

Jerome Smith

Evan Summers

Reginald Tyler

Calvin Williams

Ebouni Williams

Robert Williams