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City Of Columbia

Sewer Overflow Response Training Held for City Wastewater Staff

CW2020 Employee Newsletter Vol. 6, No. 1

The Wastewater Treatment Plant held Sewer Overflow Response Plan (SORP) training December 6, 2017 at the new Water and Wastewater Administration building. Wastewater Compliance Supervisor Stephen Sealey and Wastewater Compliance Technician Eugene Graham instructed participants in the current procedures and updated staff on recent updates to the SORP. The SORP enables Columbia Water to provide prompt and appropriate response to any sanitary sewer overflow (SSO), release, or diversion of wastewater from the wastewater system. The procedures in the SORP are established for responding to reports of potential SSOs and confirmed SSOs, and for minimizing the impact that SSOs and their related activities have on the environment, local waterways, and the storm sewer system. This document is made available to Columbia Water personnel involved in meeting its purposes.