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Sanitary Sewer Overflow Volume Decreases

CW2020 Employee Newsletter Vol. 6, No. 1

The total sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) estimated volume equaled in FY 2016/17 was 1,700,079 gallons. In comparison, total SSO estimated volume for FY 2017/18 equaled 166,994. This is a significant net decrease of 1,533,085 gallons or 90.2%. The decrease in volume is a result of ongoing improvements to the wastewater collection system pipelines and lift stations and the ongoing operations and maintenance efforts.

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In Fiscal Year (FY) 2017/18, the Wastewater Collection and Transmission System (WCTS) experienced a total of 180 SSO events. These events occurred during both wet and dry weather with roots and collapsed lines being the major contributors. In FY 2016/17, the total number of SSOs equaled 174. The total number of SSOs per 100 miles of pipe in FY 2016/17 represented approximately 15.8. The total number of SSOs per 100 miles of pipe FY 2017/18 represented approximately 16.4.

SSO Vol Dec Chart 2018

SSOs FY2018