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2017 Wastewater Maintenance Division BBQ

CW2020 Employee Newsletter Vol. 5, No. 2

WWD BBQ BuffetThe midyear Wastewater Maintenance Division BBQ was held on May 19, 2017 at Earlewood Park. WWD Superintendent Robert Judy welcomed everyone, “We get together every year to show our appreciation for everything you all do and because I don’t get to spend enough time with each of you and sometimes crews don’t even get to spend a lot of time together.” He thanked the meal prep team, Pee Wee, Prentiss, Martin, Darnell, Tony, Carlton, and more, for all their hard work on the dinner and setup. Introductions were made for Columbia Water leadership and Katie Barlet introduced the division’s newest members, Carol Sforza’s 3-month-old Anthony, Ebouni and Rodric Moultrie’s 3-month-old Raelyn, and her own 3-month-old Aiden. 

Longevity Service Awards were presented to Jerome Smith who reached his 30-year anniversary in January and Terron Murray who reached his 15-year anniversary in March.

Wastewater Safety and Training Coordinator Prentiss Brooks reported 591 recordable incidents to-date, noting that the division is on track to come in lower than last year which ended at 2,696. Brooks introduced Wastewater Operator Doug Rauth, a member of the division’s newly formed Safety Committee. “We just started,” said Rauth, “and it takes a lot to get a program off the ground. We all need your participation so it can get better as the years go along.” Rauth stressed the importance of everyone’s involvement to help the committee work on issues and resolve them. The committee asks everyone to contribute to help make your job safer. If you need something or know of a change that needs to be made please reach out.

“Safety Is No Accident” mugs were presented to all staff as reminder to always keep safety at the forefront and as a thank you for all the hard work this year.

Judy opened the mic to the group and teams congratulated each other on their successes to-date. Staff praised one another for their teamwork on projects completed, their camaraderie, determination, and educational achievements. There may also have been some teasing.