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Maintenance Management System Milestone Achieved

CW2020 Employee Newsletter Vol. 5, No. 1

The Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) reached an important milestone in April, completing the multi-stage implementation of Cityworks® for the management of equipment maintenance at 56 lift stations throughout the City and its 60 million gallons per day wastewater treatment plant. Finalizing Cityworks® also met two requirements of the consent decree well ahead of schedule (Maintenance Management System - Cityworks® Testing & Full Implementation [IMP.3] and Maintenance Management System - Inventory Management within Cityworks® Storeroom [IMP.6]).

Using this Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) benefits the City by supporting and tracking the preventive and corrective maintenance activities and associated labor and materials costs for over 3,300 assets. The following benefits are being realized using Cityworks®:

  • Increasing efficiency through automated generation of thousands of periodicCityworks Workorderpreventive tasks per year based on defined schedules.
  • Maximizing equipment warranties by ensuring required maintenance work is completed as required by the manufacturer.
  • Saving money by providing management data needed to determine when it makes sense to replace a piece of equipment rather than continue to repair it.

The Cityworks® project also introduced the Storeroom module to manage material inventory and suppliers. Storeroom tracks reorder points for parts, helping reduce maintenance delays. It also enables staff to easily associate the cost of materials used in maintenance and repairs to the corresponding equipment for more accurate cost estimates.

Wastewater staff is enthusiastic about how using the system will support their work. Lead Wastewater Plant Maintenance Technician Thorsten “TK” Killius recently shared, “With Cityworks® we expect to be able to reduce the amount of reactive maintenance we do over time and even be able to replace or repair a piece of equipment before it breaks down by implementing a more robust preventive maintenance program.”

This multi-year project, that began with a pilot implementation in one area of the plant and at two of the five major lift stations, has been a collaborative effort by the WWTP, City IT/GIS, GHD, and CW2020 program staff. Now, the CMMS is in use across the division—for the entire plant and all lift stations. Although Cityworks® has been used for work order management in several other divisions in the City, this effort presented a new challenge—handling complex relationships among thousands of assets. City IT and GIS worked closely with the team in understanding and meeting those challenges. Procedures were developed to ensure that changing inventory of equipment is kept current as maintenance work is planned.