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Wastewater Maintenance Division Employee Christmas Party

CW2020 Employee Newsletter Vol. 5, No. 1

The 2016 Wastewater Maintenance Division Employee Christmas Party was held December 16 at the Eau Claire Print Building. Wastewater Maintenance Superintendent Robert Judy welcomed everyone and thanked Rain for Rent, LLC for helping in sponsoring the event. Judy expressed his appreciation for division staff, department leadership, and Clean Water 2020 support staff.

Following the meal, Assistant Wastewater Superintendent Jody Harley applauded the staff on their impressive year-end numbers. Many service areas reported higher efficiency and fewer accidents than in the previous year.

Assistant Wastewater Superintendent Kris Hunniford announced the Longevity Service Awards for staff who reached their 5, 10, and 20-year marks. Also, Perfect and Outstanding Attendance and Safety Awardees were honored for their achievements and new hires between June and December 2016 were asked to rise for an official welcome. 

Wastewater Operator Douglas Rauth was named the 2016 Employee of the Year. Recognized for quickly becoming a role model and an indispensable asset to WWD, Rauth joined the division in January 2016 and immediately began pursuing his CDL, receiving the certification within 90 days. He also gained his C & D Classification Rauth Employee of the YearCertifications within 8 months of his hire. And, in his own quest for training and education he realized the need for hands-on-training and mentoring for the CDL Program and began a training group for the CDL Pre-Trip, the practice test for the CDL Vehicle Inspection Exam. His expertise was soon in high demand. He met with management and together they developed a training DVD for the staff library. Rauth’s Pre-Trip prep groups and the training DVD have brought WWD CDL Exam numbers up significantly.   

Hunniford remarked, “[Rauth] is a key player on his crew. He brings a positive attitude with the ability to get the task done correctly and in a timely manner. He’s extremely dependable and trustworthy. The department is better with him here.”

2016 Foreman of the Year was awarded to Dexter Diggs for being a true role model and a great leader. Diggs joined WWD in December 2010 as a Water Truck Operator before Diggs Foreman of the Yearlanding his current role as Foreman. Mentoring comes naturally to Diggs. He is often found working side-by-side with his crew learning new technologies and skills which he enjoys passing on. Harley stated that Diggs is “always willing to give more of himself for the Division and the community.” He is part of the Critical Manhole Response Team, offers his services on WWTP and Water Plant jobs, and volunteers for school functions like Career Day.   

Presentations proceeded with Robert Judy introducing the newest recognition award for Outstanding Customer Service to Ebouni Moultrie. Ebouni has been with the Wastewater Maintenance Division for three years and started out as temporary staff. Within six months she was at permanent status and working on Cityworks, work orders, and more. Judy expressed his gratitude for entire administrative team saying that “good customer service is as important as what we do in the field every day.”

Judy also introduced Clint Shealy the newly appointed Director of Utility Operations to the staff. Shealy thanked everyone for their continued service and expressed his enthusiasm on working together going forward.

In closing, Judy surprised Joey Jaco, now Director of Engineering, with a plaque, honoring him for his leadership, service, and support of the Wastewater Maintenance Division over the years. Jaco thanked the Division and remarked, “With the changes in Wastewater Maintenance it is amazing to me how far we have come and it’s because of y’all. This is a room of people with integrity and respect for what they do and it shows in what you do every day and I just want to thank you.”


Foreman of the Year
Dexter Diggs

Employee of the Year
Douglas Rauth

Perfect Attendance
Marion Aiken
Ryan Coleman
Kristine Hunniford
Terron Murray
Douglas Rauth

Outstanding Customer Service Award

Ebouni Moultrie

50” TV Grand Prize
William Berryman

Outstanding Attendance
Kaundima Ashley
Dexter Diggs
Alvin Faust
Justin Green
Joseph Harley
Kevin James
Thomas Peters

Safety Awards

Marion Aiken
Derick Alston
Kaundima Ashley
Brandon Bright
Travos Brown
Ryan Coleman
Brian Covington
Dexter Diggs
Alvin Faust
Francis Fox
Nathaniel Freeman
Martin Golston
Edward Goodwin
Justin Green
Neco Green
Roosevelt Darnell Jackson
Kevin James
Jerry Lindsay
Ebouni Moultrie

Terron Murray
Ronald Nixon
Almondo Oree
Warren Pace
Jamel Pinckney
Robert Price
Zachary Reed
Anthony Riley, Jr.
Carlton Short
Carol Sforza
Dekota Radden
Douglas Rauth
Frank Jason Slack
Kipland Small
Elvin Jerome Smith
Eaddy Spencer
Evan Summers
Reginald Tyler
Antonio Williams
Jennifer Williams
Robert Williams