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City Of Columbia

2016 Wastewater Maintenance Division BBQ

WWD BBQCW2020 Employee Newsletter Vol. 4, No. 2

The 2016 Wastewater Maintenance Division held their informal midyear BBQ on May 27, 2016, at Earlewood Park. WWD Superintendent Robert Judy welcomed the group and thanked the team for all their hard work on the preparations. Judy expressed gratitude for having time with everyone to enjoy a meal together and share the Division’s progress this year.

Longevity Service Awards were presented to staff who reached the 5, 10 and 15 year marks. Judy remarked, “It seems like some of you all have been here longer than that [and] we appreciate every day you’re here.” New hires were also recognized and asked to stand. Everyone welcomed them aboard.

J Thomas Retirement AwardRecent retiree, Jimmy Thomas, was honored for 38 years of faithful service to the City of Columbia. Judy presented Thomas with a City of Columbia watch, commemorative plaque, hardhat signed by his coworkers, and a COC cap in appreciation of his loyal service. Judy thanked Thomas for providing quality service to the customers over the years. Thomas will be missed in the Wastewater Maintenance Division and throughout the City.

Judy and Assistant Wastewater Superintendent Kris Hunniford presented WWM staff with a new City of Columbia Utilities and Engineering “Safety is No Accident” duffle to help remind them to be safe at work and at home. Judy continued his positive message, noting that to-date there have only been five vehicle accidents and 10 injuries. In comparison, 2015 ended with 35 vehicle accidents and 36 injuries. He asked staff “to keep this up, and think safety. It has to start with you.”