A Program Of The

City Of Columbia

  • Is my area included in the Clean Water 2020 service area?

  • What is a sanitary sewer overflow?

  • What are the significant problems with the City’s wastewater system?

  • What causes inadequate pipes?

  • Does stormwater and wastewater flow through the same pipes?

  • What is a private sewer line? Does the City repair private sewer lines?

  • What is the best way to maintain private sewer lines?

  • What is the Clean Water Act?

  • How old is Columbia’s wastewater treatment facility?

  • What is wastewater?

  • What is the wastewater treatment process?

  • Why do we treat wastewater?

  • Where is my wastewater being treated?

  • What is anaerobic digestion?

  • What happens in the aeration basin? (Or, got microorganisms? We do!)

  • How does Columbia Water capture and reuse natural gas?

  • What are pump stations and why do we need them?