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City Of Columbia

Project Description: The project is located along the City of West Columbia (City of West Columbia) Riverwalk between Gervais St. and Blossom St. An unnamed tributary stream crosses under the Riverwalk and drains into the Congaree River approximately 1,550 feet downstream of the Gervais St. bridge, and erosion at this location has exposed an existing City of Columbia 42” RCP sanitary sewer line. Based on available mapping data, the project site is located within the floodplain and the fringe of the floodway associated with the Congaree River. As such, the site is likely to experience erosive flow from surface runoff into the tributary itself and occasional inundation from high flows in the Congaree River.

Public Benefit: Environmental; Regulatory Compliance.

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Council approved design 9/1/2020. Council approved construction 9/20/22.
Under Construction.
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