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City Of Columbia

Project Description: The City is developing a sewer rehabilitation program for the large diameter gravity sewer (15-inch and greater) and manholes. The City has performed SSES inspections of all the major gravity sewer and manholes in the collection system. CCTV inspection data has been collected by Hydromax USA for pipes 15-inches to 30-inches in diameter. RedZone Robotics, Inc. multisensory inspection data has been collected for pipes 36-inches in diameter and greater. MACP Level 2 inspections have been collected for all manholes. Survey has been performed for the majority of the major manholes. Total Current Contract Value is $3,113,803.75.

Public Benefit: Environmental; Regulatory Compliance.

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City Council approved design 10/2/18. NTP letter issued 10/12/18.
Preliminary Design Report Complete.
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